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2 thoughts on “Looking to speak to people who have been let down by #Facebook’s reporting mechanisms/community standards etc. #journore…

  1. Barry Tweed

    Facebook allowed the posting of an appalling which showed a defenceless helpless kitten having its throat cut by a sadistic moron. The tax-dodging crooks (Facebook) refused to take it down because, quote, “it did not offend their community standards”. despite a huge petition supported with thousands of signatures, they still failed to take it down.

    So now I have reported it to the DAILY MAIL who have put a reporter on to it.

    Let’s see what happens now!

    Barry Tweed

  2. barry tweed

    I have been in touch with The Daily Mail and their reporter Kath Rushton is interested in doing something on this case. She has already blasted Google and U Tube concerning disturbing images on their sites and has been instrumental in getting advertisers to cut back/withhold revenue as this is what hurts these tax dodging social media clowns more than anything. I hope she will confront Facebook specifically on this animal cruelty image and I will update you on progress. Baz Tweed

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